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Large metal melting furnace

Large metal melting furnace

A large metal smelting furnace, also called a metal melting furnace, is a piece of equipment used to heat metal raw materials to the melting point to create metallic metal.

These furnaces are commonly used in industrial production and their main functions and uses include:

1. Metal smelting furnace and casting:

It is mainly used to heat metal raw materials to the melting point, cast or pour them, and then manufacture various metal products, such as parts, tools, mechanical parts, etc.

2. Metal recycling:

Used to recover scrap metal, heated to melting point and recast

3. Metal alloy production:

Different metals can be mixed to produce alloys, such as stainless steel, copper alloys, etc,

to meet specific performance and usage requirements.

4. Heat treatment:

In addition to melting metal. heat treatment processes such as tempering and quenching can also be performed to change the physical properties and structure of the metal.

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