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Principle of medium frequency induction furnace: Influence of frequency on Use


The principle of induction heating equipment and the working principle of medium frequency induction furnace is similar, both belong to the principle of electromagnetic induction.

Therefore, the heating effect produced by induction heating equipment with different frequencies is also different, which determines the heating quality.

The size of the power of the intermediate frequency furnace determines the heating speed and efficiency. The following is a small edition of Hongteng for you to introduce the power and frequency selection method of induction heating equipment.

Frequency selection method for induction heating equipment

Induction heating equipment can be roughly divided into ultra-high frequency, high frequency, ultra-audio, intermediate frequency and so on according to different output frequencies.

Different heating process requirements need different frequencies, if the frequency selection error can not meet the heating requirements, such as slow heating time, low efficiency, uneven heating, temperature can not meet the requirements, easy to cause damage to the workpiece.

If you want to choose the right frequency, first of all, you should understand the heating process requirements of the product. Roughly speaking, there are several situations:

Heat treatment

Shaft, gear, quenched and stainless steel products annealing, etc., to quenched as an example, the workpiece requirements quenching layer is shallower, the higher the frequency should be, quenching layer is deeper, the frequency should be lower.

The quenching layer is 02.-0.8mm for 100-250KHz UHF and HF. 1.0-1.5mm is suitable for high frequency and super audio of 40-50KHz. 1.5-2.0mm for 20-25KHz super audio.

2.0-3.0mm is suitable for 8-20KHz super-audio and IF frequency, 3.0-5.0mm for 4-8KHz if frequency, 5.0-8.0mm for 2.5-4KHz if frequency.

Diathermy of workpiece

For example: fasteners, standard parts, auto parts, hardware tools, rigging, hot upsetting hot rolling of twist drill, the larger the diameter of the workpiece, the lower the frequency should be.

Diameter below 4mm, suitable for high frequency, ultra high frequency (100-500KHz). The diameter of 4-16mm is suitable for high frequency (50-100KHz), the diameter of 16-40mm is suitable for super audio (10-50KHz), and the diameter of 40mm is suitable for medium frequency (0.5-10KHz).

Smelting of precious metals

Gold, silver, copper, lead and other precious metals according to the furnace and production efficiency specific, small capacity can choose high frequency, mostly choose super audio, medium frequency. Ultra Audio can meet the general application of die casting industry, can melt 200KG aluminum ingots per hour general application.

When using a molten steel induction furnace, because the melting point of the steel is so high, a unique furnace is needed to melt it to a usable temperature.

The melting point of steel is as high as 1370℃. It takes more than a simple furnace to melt and shape this strong metal.

A furnace can change this hard metal into hot iron. The final product is then packaged and shipped to the manufacturer. Induction melting furnaces are more efficient than conventional gas furnaces. Intermediate frequency induction furnaces not only distribute heat more evenly, but they also improve the environment significantly by emitting less waste and gas into the air.

This is our share today, I hope it can be helpful to you, welcome to pay attention to Luoyang Giant electric, learn more about the medium frequency induction furnace information.

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