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Common medium frequency induction furnace, 1 ton capacity furnace body


Intermediate frequency induction automatic heating furnace is a non-standard heating equipment which uses intermediate frequency induction heating method to heat metal workpiece. When using industrial metal furnaces, we need to know the furnace heating information.

Today, Giant electric editor to introduce a 1 ton medium frequency induction furnace.

Equipped with automatic feeding system, plc control system and infrared temperature measuring system and other equipment, so that the medium frequency induction heating into automatic heating mode, with automatic feeding, automatic heating, temperature control and other advantages, become a veritable automatic heating production line.

Process parameters:

Application: Used for automatic heating of round steel, aluminum bar, copper bar and other metal workpieces

Equipment Name: 1 ton induction heating furnace (non-standard product, customized processing)

Workpiece size range: diameter 15mm diameter 500mm, length is not limited

Heating temperature: Determine the heating temperature according to the user's thermal processing requirements.

Control system: The whole heating process to achieve PLC automatic control, and timely display heating quantity and other production records.

This console is used alone, specially customized man-machine interface, highly humanized operation instructions, full digital, high depth of adjustable parameters, with one button restore function, simple operation.

Composition of heating furnace:

Medium frequency induction heating power supply is composed of rectifier SCR and inverter SCR, reactor, main control line and so on

The furnace frame is mainly a bracket designed for the inductor heating coil to support the inductor furnace head, including a capacitor bank, water channel, circuit and gas path.

Induction heating system is composed of spiral induction coil and furnace lining material, furnace plate, coil bottom support, cooling water and so on.

Cooling circulation system adopts closed cooling tower circulation cooling system

Medium frequency induction furnace characteristics:

Using SCR frequency conversion technology of induction heating power supply, low power consumption, electricity can be used; It has fast heating speed, high efficiency and short heating time.

Because the induction furnace has a complete operation control measuring device, can implement automatic control. High thermal efficiency, temperature control accuracy can reach ±1℃, can reach more than 95%.

And if the size of the furnace can be customized, users can choose their own furnace according to their own needs. If furnace installation is very simple. The user buys a new stove from the manufacturer and quickly installs it himself.

That's it for today. I hope it's helpful. Welcome to pay attention to Luoyang Giant electric, learn more about induction furnace knowledge.

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