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What Is the Auxiliary Equipment of the Intermediate Frequency Furnace?


As a manufacturer of industrial induction furnaces, Judian is here to introduce some basic configurations of the intermediate frequency furnace to you.

Any set of modern equipment is needed for some supporting equipment to play the biggest role. As the mainstay of the casting industry, the composition of intermediate frequency furnaces is not as simple as itself.

The power supply and electrical control part, transmission device, and water cooling system are all indispensable equipment for the composition.

Intermediate Frequency Furnace Body Part

This is the main part of the furnace, the lower part of the intermediate frequency furnace composition is equivalent to the human body. Usually medium and small IF furnaces are equipped with two furnace bodies, one for normal production use, the other reserved as a spare, in case of emergency. The furnace body mainly includes the furnace cover, inductor, crucible, furnace frame, and other components.

Medium Frequency Power Supply and Electrical Control Part

The IF frequency power supply and electrical control part of the IF frequency furnace, just like the brain of the IF frequency furnace, controls the operation of each part of the IF frequency furnace. The power supply and electrical control include high voltage or low voltage switchgear, intermediate frequency power supply (intermediate frequency generator set or SCR converter), power conversion switch, compensation capacitor, and intermediate frequency control cabinet or distribution operation table in front of the furnace and other components.

These components cooperate with each other to provide conversion, power distribution, power generation, and other functions for the use of the intermediate frequency furnace, to ensure normal operation.

Gear for Transmission

The transmission device includes the movement of the IF frequency furnace cover, the tilting of the furnace body, and the reset of the mechanical or hydraulic device, which drives the operation of each part of the IF frequency furnace. It also facilitates the use of intermediate frequency furnace. If the power supply and electrical control part, is just like the brain of the IF furnace, then the transmission device is the meridian nerve of the IF furnace.

Water Cooling System of Intermediate Frequency Furnace

In addition to the three parts listed above, the water cooling system is also an important part. The water cooling system includes the water pump, cooling tower, water tank, and other components.

The above are the four supporting devices of the intermediate frequency furnace. The operation of the intermediate frequency furnace needs four supporting devices to cooperate with each other in order to play the maximum role.

Then in the use of the furnaces, special attention should be paid to the feeding operation. In the feeding operation, the cold wet charge should be dried first, and can not be directly added to the molten liquid. In the use of the first furnace, avoid the use of metal chips, because metal chips can penetrate the lining clearance. The furnace must be heated to about 1000℃, before pouring into the liquid iron, furnace heating can be added to the induction heating of the iron block.

Formulate a reasonable casting process, from modeling, material selection, melting, pouring, heat treatment, cleaning, and other standard process operation, and scientific management, to reduce energy consumption.

This is what we share today. I hope it can be helpful to you. Welcome to pay attention to Luyang Judian for more information.

Judian intermediate frequency furnace

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